Have You Tried Email Marketing? Boost Your Sales

I have been selling on the internet for almost 15 years. I have tried many methods of promotion but this is the best.

Since I use email marketing, my sales have improved 300% and every day is on the rise. In this article I want to explain the secret of this method that made me earn thousands of dollars in sales.

If you have a business either on the internet or a commercial place. Like many you must be waiting that customers will arrive on their own.

Hopefully is what happen with many sellers. When the truth is that your potential customers are those who bought your product in the past or those who visited you and were interested in your product or service. In this case it is when you must ask for their emails. To send them daily offers.

How do I get the emails?

If you are a customer when making the invoice ask for their email and notify them that they will receive offers and new arrivals. Otherwise, if it is a visitor, you can ask for their mail in exchange for a discount coupon or any other incentive you think. The important thing is to get their email.

I got the emails now what?

The best thing about this is that services like GetResponse offer options like autoresponders. This is about scheduling automatic emails in order to send them send in a daily basis to prospects. And that way we could always be in touch with them.

The best customer is the one who knows you.

This is an Autoresponder

Here you can see 24 days of scheduled emails. The good thing about this is that you can schedule all the emails you want.

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